Science rocks!

Saturday 07 January 2023

The first week back after Christmas has been a week of starting new topics and units. This includes our new Science topic – Rocks, soils and fossils!

Our first week began with the question – How are rocks different? We made careful observations of 12 different rocks and thought about what made them special.

This included things such as;

Here are some of the class making their observations:

We then sorted a selection of the rocks into a Venn Diagram. The children had the choice of which features to sort the rocks by.

The class loved the lesson and already had fantastic knowledge in identifying the names of some of the rocks. One person remembered that one of the rocks (Basalt rock) is in the Earth’s Crust! This was from our first Topic lesson about the Earth.

Help at home by seeing if your child can identify any of these rocks based on their appearance!