Thursday 12 January 2023

Last Friday, a poem was sent home for Year 4 to learn. Learning a poem by heart is a really important skill for children to practise and Year 4 have done a fantastic job of this!

Catch a Little Rhyme by Eve Mirriam (CC)

Once upon a time
I caught a little rhyme
I set it on the floor
but it ran right out the door
I chased it on my bicycle
but it melted to an icicle
I scooped it up in my hat
but it turned into a cat

I caught it by the tail
but it stretched into a whale
I followed it in a boat
but it changed into a goat
When I fed it tin and paper
it became a tall skyscraper
Then it grew into a kite
and flew far out of sight …

As you can see, the poem contains lots of rhyming words and this really helped the children get into a rhythm when reciting the poem to the class.

The performances have been great with amazing expression, clear and projected voices and some children even added actions to help them remember the words – very clever!

Help at home by occasionally reading poems instead of fiction or non-fiction books to broaden the children’s reading.