Living and Learning: drug education

Friday 13 January 2023

In our latest Living and Learning lessons, we’ve been learning about safety around medicines and household products.

We considered:

What are medicines?

What do they look like?

How are they used?

Why do people use them?

The children had lots to share about their experiences of taking different medicines and what they are used for.

Using different scenarios, we thought about what would be the best things to help. Sometimes a hug, some water, rest, a tissue or sleep can be enough to help someone feel better and medicine might not be needed.

Then, we considered safety rules at home and how to keep themselves and others safe.

We discussed the following safety rules depending on whether they were true or false or if it depends on the situation.

In some more scenarios, we thought about why the situation was unsafe and what the character could do to prevent a danger.

We need to take the right medicine for us.

Medicine should only be given by adults.

The wrong medicine can make you very poorly.

These are adult pills and they should not touch them.

They need to be kept in a safe place.

Help at home: please reinforce this key safety message at home. Make sure your child is aware of possible dangers at home, such as medicines and household products, and how to seek help if they need it.