Living and Learning – drugs, alcohol and tobacco

Friday 13 January 2023

The last couple of weeks have been focused on talking about drugs, alcohol and tobacco. This topic is really important. The children have become familiar and educated on these substances so that once they are old enough, they can make safe and informed decisions on what they choose to do.

The year 4 children identified how certain drugs and household items (i.e. paracetamol or surface cleaner) should be used safely. They were really sensible and knew exactly what to do:

Our circle time was focused on this too! We spoke about how these substances can affect our health. The children responded to statements such as, I drank some water today, I think talking about my feelings makes me healthy and being thin automatically makes someone healthy. We decided that as long as we have things in moderation such as, chocolate and sweets and we balance them with fruit, vegetables and exercise then that will make us feel healthy.