Living and Learning: being safe

Wednesday 25 January 2023

In our Living and Learning lessons, we have been thinking about being safe in a variety of situations.

Here we are sorting some activities, that all have an element of risk, depending on whether they pose a low or high risk. There were some different opinions and the children were able to justify the decisions they had made.

We also played this hazard identification game to spot and learn about potential risks when at home.

The wires are going across the carpet. Someone might trip up over them.

The candles are burning close to the curtains so they might catch fire.

There’s a hot drink near the edge of the table. Someone might knock it off and it would burn them.

Our reading fluency text this week also has a being safe theme.

The NSPCC Speak out Stay safe assembly gave a very clear message about being safe and in our weekly circle time, the children were all able to say how they would seek help (Start Telling Other People).

Help at home by reinforcing these important safety messages ready for your homework this week.

The NSPCC has also developed an adapted version of their assembly for parents/carers to use at home with their children and some resources that can be used to enable further discussion whilst doing activities with your children.

You’ll also find online safety information for families of children with additional needs and disabilities.

Childline also have a website with age-appropriate advice for primary school children on topics such as bullying. It also has games and other interactive tools.