Living and Learning: I know how to seek help.

Thursday 26 January 2023

In our living and learning sessions over the last two weeks, we have been exploring risks and how to seek help if we need to.

We looked at different scenarios and placed them on a continuum based on how much of a risk we thought they posed. Some of the scenarios were:

– learning to ride a horse
– learning to drive
– taking up a new hobby
– drinking energy drinks on a daily basis
– stealing from a shop
– putting your hand up if you’re not sure of the answer

After we’d established the risks involved with each, we spoke about how some things are worth doing because the risks are minimal but other things definitely aren’t!

When would you know if the risks involved made something not worth doing?

We spoke about how we often get that feeling in our stomach if we know the risks are too great. We also spoke about how if we weren’t sure, we should always speak to a trusted adult!

Help at home by talking with your child about different things they may encounter in their lives as they progress to high school and beyond and the risks associated with them! This will help them make informed decisions in the future!

Well done, Y6!