Living and learning: online safety and safer internet day

Friday 10 February 2023

Over the last two weeks, Year 1  have been learning about four main areas of online safety (plus lots of other online safety tips too).

We welcomed Dave from d:side last week to support this learning and this week was Safer Internet Day.

We’ve had lots of discussions about staying safe online. We read the book Chicken Clicking by Tony Ross. In the story a chick gets access to the farmer’s computer and makes a chick friend online. He goes to meet his new friend in the woods… I’ll let your children tell you what happens next.

The children wrote some speech bubbles giving Chicken Clicking some superb advice about how he should have acted differently.

We learnt that the padlock next to the web address tells us this is a secure and trusted site.

We also watched some videos starring Jessie and her friends. In the first video Jessie shares some personal information whilst playing a game with a person who is pretending to be kind. We spoke about how we should always keep our personal information private.


On Thursday, we recapped our learning from Safer Internet Day and wrote some excellent reports about what we had learnt. Well done Year 1.


Help at home by reinforcing the important messages above but also that if anything worries or upsets your child they should tell a trusted adult straight away.