Safer Internet Day 2023

Wednesday 15 February 2023

“Happy Safer Internet Day!”

On the 7th of February, Moortown focused their learning around internet safety. This umbrella term covers lots of areas such as; online behaviour, keeping personal data safe, understanding how news can be false and knowing to ask an adult for help.

Firstly, we spent the morning learning about how we can decipher if online information is true or not. ‘Fake news’ has become more of an issue on the internet and therefore, it is important that the children understand what it is and how to work with it.

There were some tips that the children practised and will remember for the future:

This followed onto to our next focus: I know I can ask a trusted adult for help.

This statement is true for any subject, problem or question and it is definitely important when talking about internet safety.

Help at home: Whether it is a trusted adult at home, at school or at a club your child goes to, remind them that they should feel safe asking for help.