A setting description of Whitby Abbey

Tuesday 14 March 2023

Over the last few weeks we have been building up to writing a setting description of Whitby Abbey. Everyone was able to create an eerie atmosphere by using figurative language and thinking carefully about vocabulary. Here are some examples:

I made a bad choice. They said brave people could only do it at 3AM. All I had to do was stay there for 1 hour. Easy, right? Not really. It was the darkest yet scariest point at night. No need to be scared. Although I was. Gurvar

Reluctantly, I approached the dungeon as darkness fell. The howling wind echoed through the atmosphere. Gargoyles sinisterly glared into my soul. I edged closer to the robust, iron bars. Much to my shock, the gates were ajar. Abdullah

As the gates creaked open, thick fog slithered over the abbey and seemed to loom closer every second. As the lightning struck, ghostly silhouettes flickered across the empty expanse of land. A solitary door grasped my eye and lured me into the night. Bridget and Eleanor

I hesitantly trudged towards the gloomy passageway. Escaping the unrelenting wind, silence reigned. As I edged along the tunnel, the walls seemed to close in on me. Death sliced through my beating heart as I let out my last breath. Jodie

With my hair standing on end, I hesitantly tip-toed towards the eerie passageway. It was like a magnet pulling me in. As I inched towards the tunnel, the creaking of rotten word rained on the silence. Shameel