Food Technology – Bruschetta!

Tuesday 14 March 2023

This morning, Year 4 have been cooking and making Bruschetta. We were so impressed with their knowledge and skills at each stage of the recipe.

The main skill we were practising was chopping with a knife. The two different techniques that we used were the bridge and the claw. We used the bridge to safely and securely cut the tomatoes into big chunks. We used the claw to dice the tomatoes and basil up into smaller pieces.

We then used a garlic crusher to squeeze the garlic into our tomato and basil mixture. It’s safe to say the room smelt very strong!

The final challenge was to spoon the mixture onto the sliced and toasted baguette without making a mess and then to dig in… some of them gave it a 10/10!

A big well done to everyone for being sensible and engaged with the learning!