Living and Learning: Personal hygiene

Thursday 20 April 2023

This week, our living and learning session was all about recognising the importance of personal hygiene including handwashing.

What is personal hygiene?

DD – It’s about keeping our clothes clean.
EC – My Mummy puts my clothes in the washing machine.
HM – We need to brush our teeth so they don’t get black.
LC – Every single morning and every single night, I brush here. (teeth)
LN – We brush our teeth so there’s no cavities.
HW – You need to wash your hands when you’ve been to the toilet.

To help us understand the importance of washing our hands, we had a go at a germ experiment.

We used soap, mixed herbs (germs) and water to see how important it is to wash our hands. The children were amazed when they watched the germs (mixed herbs) move away from the soap on their fingers.