Living and Learning: health prevention

Wednesday 26 April 2023

In our latest learning about ‘healthy me’ we thought about what a healthy person would be like.

Healthy = keeping your body working at its best.

Being safe in the sun is one way we can keep our body healthy and this reading fluency text helped us to understand why this is important.

We’ve also been thinking about the importance of sleep.

Sleep helps your body work and can help you get better if you don’t feel well.

If you don’t have enough sleep, you feel grumpy, you can’t focus and you can’t control yourself.

If you have a busy brain it can be hard to get to sleep.

We thought about the things that can help you get to sleep.

Sometimes, things can stop you getting to sleep.

Help at home: ask your child what the three key sun safety messages are.

Have a look together at these sleep tips for children.