Living and Learning – I know the importance of sleep

Friday 28 April 2023

This week in Living and Learning, Year 4 have been recapping and learning more about sleep. Sleep is really important for us for so many reasons. For example:

Without enough sleep, we won’t be as able to concentrate and learn as well as we might if we did have enough sleep.

Children need 10-11 hours sleep a night on average. This sounded like a long time to Year 4 but we agreed that our bodies need it as we are growing constantly!

We also discussed the important of a sleep/night time routine. This includes all of the small things that we might do that help us to get a better sleep. Here’s what we came up with together:

All these things, that we probably do without even thinking, are important in getting our bodies and minds ready for sleep.

Help at home: Write down your night time routine. Is there anything you could change to help you sleep better? Is there anything you could do more of to help?