Living and Learning – I know the importance of having my ‘five a day’.

Wednesday 10 May 2023

Our living and learning statement this week is ‘I know the importance of having my ‘five a day’.

As a school, we promote a happy and healthy lifestyle. In class, we have been discussing how, as individuals, we can maintain this lifestyle ourselves. This includes making sensible choices with our eating and drinking plus keeping an active body and mind. We realised that if we didn’t do these things, we might start to feel a bit low in our body and especially, in our mind.

Eating and drinking healthily doesn’t necessarily mean we can ONLY eating fruit, broccoli and peas but it means having a balanced diet. This means we can choose to eat lots of healthy things and then sometimes, we can have a treat! Aiming to have at least five pieces of fruit and vegetables a day means that our body is getting the important nutrients and vitamins that it needs. We also discussed that we should be drinking 2 litres of water a day to stay hydrated, especially as the weather is getting warmer.

In our lesson today, we discussed how our eating and drinking habits can be influenced by lots of different things such as;

For example, wanting to have a cookie just because all your friends are having one doesn’t mean it’s the sensible thing to do if you’ve already had two!

The more healthy choices we make, the more our bodies will thank us for it later!

Help at home: Challenge your child and see how many different fruit and vegetables they can name!