Living and Learning: healthy eating

Thursday 11 May 2023

Our latest Living and Learning theme has been all about healthy eating.

This video  helps to explain the importance of healthy eating as part of living healthily. The Eatwell Guide is a key document to show how much of what we eat overall should come from each food group to achieve a healthy, balanced diet. The bigger the section the more food from that group we should eat. The balance of foods from each group does not need to be achieved with every meal but we should aim for the balance over a day or even a week.

We used the Eatwell Guide as part of our reading fluency text too.

In our next Living and Learning session, we thought about the 5 a day message. Having at least 5 (ideally different) portions of fruit and vegetables keeps us healthy. These could be different types of fruit and vegetables.

  A portion is about a handful.

Here were some tips for achieving your 5 a day.

You could have some banana on your cereal.

If you put some cucumber in your sandwich, that would be an extra portion.

You could add some sweetcorn or peas to your pasta for tea.

Have some fruit or vegetable sticks when you get home from school.

We also thought about our recent design and technology food preparation of overnight oats and how we used a variety of fruits (frozen, tinned, fresh and dried) in that recipe.

Help at home look at the Eatwell guide together and think about any improvements that could be made. This may be having an extra vegetable a day, trying a new fruit or vegetable, switching to brown bread or pasta or having a healthier snack after school.

More healthy eating ideas can be found by signing up to these Healthy Steps emails from Better Health (formally Change4Life).