Blitz News Report

Thursday 18 May 2023

Over the last few weeks, we have been planning and writing a piece of journalistic writing. We reported as if we were in 1940s Leeds after an aerial attack from the Luftwaffe (German air force). Each report included main news, background information, quotes and speculation about what may happen in the future. Everyone published their work this week by writing it up in the format of a newspaper. Well done Year 6, the reports were very impressive!

Kirtan wrote:
Yesterday at 18:32, the Luftwaffe attacked Leeds. It was a regular night and clearly we were unprepared. Nazi bombing was so powerful that 258 people were injured and 65 people died in the raid.

Isla reported:
It is thought that as many as 1,943 civilians were made homeless and many houses were severely damaged. Only some families were able to seek refuge in their Anderson shelters or underground and survive the devastating attack.

Abdullah said:
A witness, 30 year-old John Cambridge, was terrified. He stated that when he came out to play with his friends, it was catastrophic. Another witness, Cole Manan said; “Me and my family were scared.”

Jodie reported:
Over the next few weeks, it is expected that everything will be back in order. The death toll is expected to rise due to unexploded bombs.

Help at home by asking your child what the structure and features of journalistic writing are.