We are biologists

Wednesday 24 May 2023

This half-term, we’re biologists, learning specifically about plants.

Here’s a list of key words that we’ve been learning as part of our topic.

seed: the part of a plant which can grow into a new plant
bulbs: the round underground part of a plant that contains food for the plant (eg onion bulb, daffodil bulb, tulip bulb)
basic needs: the things that a plant needs to live
temperature: a measurement of how hot or cold something is
growth: an increase in size
healthy: feeling well and happy
germinate: when a seed begins to grow into a plant
seedling: a young plant grown from a seed

Throughout this learning, we have been carrying two investigations.

How do bulbs grow? What do plants need to help them grow?

We put some onion bulbs in different conditions and observed the changes over time.

Ask your child to explain what had happened.

What do seeds need to germinate?

After observing and comparing different seeds, we planted seeds in different locations (and therefore different conditions). All the plants were given water.

Week 1

After one week, this is what had happened. The seeds had germinated in two out of the three locations. Even though the seedlings had started to grow in the cupboard and the classroom, they looked different and we observed these differences.

After two weeks, we were surprised to see that the seeds in the fridge had started to germinate. There were only small seedlings and they looked pale and not very healthy. The seedlings in the classroom on the window sill were definitely looking the healthiest with lots of dark green leaves.

We’ve also noticed a change in the tree in the front playground. How has it changed?

Help at home this week, the children have taken home their own planted sunflower seed to look after. Read the instructions to help the plant to grow as best as it can. We’d love to see how the plants are getting on!