Living and learning: relationships

Thursday 15 June 2023

For the past fortnight we have been thinking about healthy and happy relationships in Living and Learning. We have discussed what makes a healthy relationship and how we can be good friends to each other.

In this week’s lesson we talked about caring for each other. We discussed different stages of life and who might need the most care. We thought babies, children and the elderly might need more care but we also discussed that people of different ages need different types of care. There are lots of ways we can show we care for someone. Here are some of the examples that the children came up with:

I care for my teachers by making good choices.

I care for my friends by looking after them when they are hurt.

I care for my friends by helping them.

I care for my family by helping at home.

We all thought of ways we could show that we care for people over the next week.

Help at home by talking to your children about how they can care for different members of your family or community.