Living and Learning – RSE

Saturday 24 June 2023

Over the last 3 weeks in Year 4, we have explored relationships and change.

We discussed the fact that we have relationships with lots of people. For example, our family, friends, people we meet through clubs like leaders etc. These relationships should be happy and healthy. We talked about this might look like:

But what happens if this becomes unhappy and unhealthy? If you can’t resolve the problems between you in a respectful way, then you can ask a trusted adult to help!

Sometimes we might need a change and change can seem scary when it’s new. We looked at the different stages of human life and the class discussed how our lives change over time. For example, when we are born, we have no responsibilities and our grown ups look after us constantly. As we grow older, we have more freedom and we realised that with freedom comes more responsibilities like cooking for yourself, having a job and learning to drive.

We decided that change is good because it takes us outside our comfort zone and lets us try new things!

Help at home by discussing a change that is coming up soon. How do you feeling about moving up to Year 5?