Living and Learning: Being Healthy themed week – Mindful Monday

Tuesday 11 July 2023

We kicked off the Being Healthy themed week with Mindful Monday recognising that our mental health is as important as our physical health.

Mindfulness can make you calm.
Mindfulness is good for you because it can make you feel relaxed and calm down your feelings.
Mindfulness is good because it helps your mental health.

We regularly have mindfulness time after lunchtimes but today was chance to add some more techniques to the ones we already know (self hug, ok breathing, breathing tree, starfish meditation and back to back breathing).

Yoga is a great way to help our mental health and Vikki from The Yoga House came to teach us some yoga poses and relaxation.

I enjoyed the yoga because it made me feel really relaxed.
I liked the yoga because it made me feel really joyful and active.

I loved the yoga because it made me feel calm and made my worries float away.

I liked it because I enjoy doing yoga at home.

I loved the yoga because when you have shavasana time, you feel relaxed and I had lots of deep breaths.

Help at home
: discuss these relaxation techniques with your child. Which is their favourite and which works for them? Also, have a look at our mindfulness guide for more ideas to try at home.