Health Week – what a week!

Friday 14 July 2023

This week has been a themed week at Moortown – Health Week. This means that the whole school have been focused on being healthy in our bodies and our minds!

Year 4 have been very fortunate to have experienced a range of different activities and talks that relate to health.

Monday began with a visit from Leeds Beckett University. We were outside being active while learning about Orienteering! The children began with a quick warm up activity where they had to find certain areas in the playground that related to a picture. This then led onto map reading and navigating their groups around the school to find letters to spell words. It was a great and unique way of getting our bodies and minds working.


On Tuesday, we had D:side in to talk to us about alcohol and how to be safe around it. We spoke about how to identify if something has alcohol in it. For example, comparing WKDs to J20s. We also spoke about how alcohol affects people such as, changing how their minds and body work. Here are some of the class with the ‘alcohol’ glasses on.

On Friday, we had a martial-arts session. Some of our children already attend a martial-arts club after school so they were prepared and ready for what was to come. Others were starting as beginners but we all worked together as a team so help one another. Here’s some great snaps of us doing some kick-boxing:

Help at home by asking your child what different types of food fit into these categories:

Carbohydrates, Fruit and Vegetables, Dairy, Fats and Sugars, Protein.