Being Healthy Week!

Saturday 15 July 2023

This week has been full of fun and informative activities all about the topic of ‘Being Healthy’.

On Monday, we had a visit from D:Side Dave, who talked about the risks of smoking and vaping, especially the impacts on children. We also had an orienteering session where the children had to find hidden photos and numbers around the school.

On Tuesday, the children had an assembly about physical activity and how important it is. The main message was ’60 minutes of exercise every day’. This doesn’t need to be all in one go but can be broken down in to smaller chunks of time. We also took part in a bike maintenance workshop.

On Wednesday, we had an assembly on healthy eating. We then went to Allerton Grange to take part in a PE lesson.

After that, we had a skipping session with the Skipping School and showcased our skills to the rest of the school.

On Thursday, we had our sports day. On Friday, we finished the week with a talk about promoting good health and a martial arts workshop.