Living and learning – Me and My Money

Thursday 09 November 2023

This week, we’ve been learning all about money!

We’ve talked about so many important topics and skills that are vital to our lives and futures.

HSBC talked to us about savvy shopping. We learnt about:

We also learnt about jobs in Leeds and what we might want to do when we’re older or where the most demand for employment might be.

Virgin Money taught us about loans, their roles at the bank and bank accounts and then set us an exciting challenge – to make £5 grow!

In the coming weeks, we’ll be putting our entrepreneurial brains to the test to see if we can make profit from a small business idea. Watch this space!

Y6 said:

“I think I’m more aware of money now.”

“You should be cautious about spending money. There are questions you can ask yourself such as, ‘Is this a want or a need? Can it wait?’”

“I’m really excited to start my own business!”