This is a Forest and Making a Stand

Friday 10 November 2023

On Tuesday, Year 5 went to visit two art exhibitions: ‘This is a Forest’ and ‘Making a Stand’. To start the day, we experienced a series of artworks in ‘This is a Forest’. The children were able to take time to appreciate the art, learn something new and capture the sculptures in their own sketches. One of the artworks was called ‘A Howl’, which was an installation of a fallen beech tree with lights and sound. This section of the exhibition was in a small dark room, where we could initially just hear sounds and then after our eyes adjusted, we were able to see the shape of a tree.


We then moved on to our next activity where the children could create ecosystems. We split into smaller groups and were able to design and make terrariums. The children showed great teamwork!


Finally, we went on to ‘Making a Stand’ located in City Square. This trip provided a great link between our recent Geography learning and our current Art and Design learning. Year 5 were very respectful and represented Moortown Primary School well.