Living and Learning: Anti-Bullying Day

Monday 13 November 2023

Today for our anti-bullying day, we joined the nation by focussing on the message of “make a noise about bullying”. We discussed how this had several meanings: making a noise to a trusted adult for support/advice, making a noise to the victim to see if they are okay or making a noise to make a change.

We looked at the different types of friendships and discussed the benefits of a healthy one. Here are some of the benefits:

We then went on to talk about the differences between falling out and bullying as well as the differences between a one-off occasion and something that has happened more than once.

We looked at the definition of bullying which our JLT members created:

“Bullying is when you hurt someone physically or emotionally (including online), Several Times OPurpose”

Whilst we hope this would never be the case in our school, we also discussed  what you can do if you were to experience bullying at Moortown Primary School:

Start Telling Other People. You could use the Living and Learning box, the worry box, tell a trusted adult, email or even call Childline (0800 1111).”

Help at home: Discuss the different roles that can be seen in a bullying situation. Then, have a read of the scenario and talk about what roles are present and what they can do to MAKE A NOISE.