Living and Learning: anti-bullying day

Thursday 16 November 2023

This week, we had learnt a lot about anti-bullying!

We celebrated Odd Socks Day! We’re all unique but we’re still on the same team.

We defined respectful online behaviour…

… and discussed the dangers of careless posting online.

Help at home by setting boundaries for or just talking about what your child posts online (including messages on apps).

There are consequences to bad online behaviour. Lots of them!

We made a list of things we can do if come across some negative behaviour online, including just stepping away.


We also had loads of fantastic ideas for what makes a healthy friendship…

… and made some really key distinctions between bullying and just falling out. Bullying happens Several Times On Purpose so you should:

Bullying needs to STOP – we’re a happy, healthy and safe school.