Food Technology: leek and potato soup!

Monday 20 November 2023

Last week, Year 3 made leek and potato soup! We worked in small groups to prepare the ingredients and then cook them, ready for blending.

We made sure that we washed our hands and wore our aprons for hygiene reasons.
We used the bridge cutting method to cut the onion and potatoes into small chunks.

We also used the claw cutting method to cut up the leeks after we’d washed them. These methods are the safest way to cut food as they help us from hurting ourselves!

We then fried the onion and leeks together and added the potatoes and stock. We left it to boil for 20 minutes.

We used a hand blender to purée the soup and added black pepper for flavour.

Everyone tried to soup but we had some mixed reviews:

“I loved the leek smell and taste.”

“I didn’t like the sloppy texture.”

“I liked the flavour.”

Year 3 did a fantastic job and the soup tasted great!

Help at home by having your child show you the bridge and claw cutting methods.