Living and Learning: mental health

Thursday 30 November 2023

Mental health is our new theme in our Living and Learning lessons. We also had a linked reading fluency text to help to understand about mental health.

First of all, this video introduced emotions and feelings.

Next, we met Maz. Maz is visiting earth to discover more about humans.  Today, Maz wants to learn all about feelings.

We had lots we wanted to tell Maz about feelings…

Then, we heard about some characters and their stories. What feelings might they have? Who might need help with how they are feeling? Amir or Mia?

Talking about feelings and knowing where and how to seek help for yourself or others is very important.

Help at home: We’ve talked about how people’s faces and body language can help us to understand how others are feeling. Match the expression to the emotion. Maybe try some other emotions at home.

confused, sad, shocked, overjoyed, shy and furious