Write like a poet workshop

Tuesday 05 December 2023

Year 5 had a visitor this morning from the British Library to do a ‘write like a poet’ workshop. We started off by introducing ourselves with actor voices and actions.

We then spent some time talking about the British Library and found out that they have a copy of every book that has ever been published (magazines – with toys included – and newspapers too). In addition, we found out that robots look after all of their books so, of course, we too became robots ready to look after the books.

Then, we looked at how poems need to change over time. The author James Berry wrote “ You will need to revise it, make it better, polish it, make it better, make it become into the shining spirit of your idea. And making.”

The children practised their oracy skills: fluency and pace; voice projection; and tonal variation.

Next, we looked at poet Grace Nichols. We discussed unknown vocabulary and talked about the meaning of the poem. We identified that the whole poem is a metaphor! The disco is actually describing our solar system.

The children then had a brilliant time playing word association to help prepare them for their own poems. We battled 1 vs. 1.

After the excitement, we had a relaxing time writing our very own first draft of a poem.

Help at home: Find and read 3 poems from different poets.