Write it like a poet!

Thursday 07 December 2023

Today, Year 3 had a visitor from the British Library. We learnt a lot about the British Library like what they do, how they are different to a “normal” library and where they are based. Luckily for us, they have a base in Boston Spa!

The British Library have a copy of every single book, newspaper, magazine or even leaflet that has been published in Britain. They want to keep a record of all of these so that in years to come, people can look back and see what things were like over the years!

We read a few poems, picked a part the vocabulary and discussed what we liked and disliked about them. Then it was our turn to write our own poems. It can be quite tricky just to sit down and write a poem so we played lots of games to help us generate some ideas.

Some of us wrote about our day, our emotions, a hobbie we like or just something random! The children really enjoyed it and were desperate to share their writing at the end.

Help at home by playing the word association game. Start with ‘apple’ and see what word the other person can think of that links to it!