Science: An experiment fit for a king!

Tuesday 23 January 2024

Year 5 have planned and conducted an experiment fit for a king. They received a very special message from the King with a problem he was facing.

With this message in mind, Year 5 used the enquiry question ‘Which material is the best insulator of heat?’ A thermal insulator is a material that does not let heat pass through it easily or quickly.

Our scientific enquiry type was ‘comparative and fair testing’.

The children used three materials: fabric, bubble wrap and foil. They wrapped these around their beakers and used scientific equipment to measure the temperature of their ‘tea’. Year 5 recorded their results into their tables.

Next week, the children will analyse their results and see if they have any anomalous results (a result that does not fit in with the pattern of other results).


Help at home: Discuss the independent (what is changed), dependent (what is measured) and control (what is kept the same) variables in this experiment.