Trip to York!

Friday 02 February 2024

Today, Year 3 and 4 visited York to go to the Yorkshire Museum and to see the flood defences.

Yorkshire Museum had exhibitions that were perfect for us to link to our History and Science learning; Roman York and Mary Anning Rocks and Yorkshire’s Jurassic World!

Here’s some pictures of us exploring and learning about the artefacts!

Our second reason for visiting York was for the flood defences. York gets flooded quite easily after periods of heavy rainfall so they have built many flood defences around river to help the houses and buildings near. We’ll be learning about this during our Geography topic after Easter.

To no surprise, there were floods when we visited! Here’s what we saw:

We made sure to stay safe while walking through York and around the river by walking in pairs and behind the railings.

Help at home by asking your child one new fact that they learnt while at the museum! For example, I learnt about the different under water dinosaurs that existed millions of years ago.