Living and Learning: being safe

Wednesday 07 February 2024

Being safe is a key part of our Living and Learning curriculum including a Staying Safe themed week coming up next term in July.

Year 2 learnt about being safe around the concept of consent (giving and receiving permission) in particular with their friends.

We use the term consent in different contexts in class including asking consent to post a photo of a child or their learning online. In this learning, we had some different permission scenarios to discuss and we did some role plays to test out some ways of asking for consent and what to do.

Help at home: look at the following prompts and talk this through with your child.

We also took part in the NSPCC Speak out Stay Safe online assembly.

During the assembly, we heard about different situations where children might not feel safe.

We thought about which grown-ups would be good to talk to in school and out of school (start telling other people). Brothers, sisters and friends would also be good to talk to and discuss feelings but telling a grown-up (over 18) would be the best thing to do to get help.

Our Living and Learning box, in the classroom, is another way the children can speak out and write down any worries.

We also heard about Childline – ask your child to show you the way to remember the number.

Help at home: Buddy Zone, on the Childline website, has some games and activities for the children to do.