Design and Technology: food

Wednesday 13 March 2024

This week, Year 2 have been using their food preparation skills to create their latest product, fruit salad.

This forms part of our Design and Technology food learning which involves following a recipe to create a product each term.

First, we got ready to cook.

Here are some of the skills we used.


Peeling and segmenting

Bridge hold (for chopping)

Claw grip (for chopping)



Finally, the children got to enjoy their fruit salad.

I LOVED my fruit salad because it had lots of different fruits in it and it is so healthy.

I especially liked the strawberries and I would add more next time.

Next time, I will add different types of fruit like pineapple or melon.

Next time, I would add more orange juice.

I’ve never had kiwi fruit before but I really liked it.

I will try frozen raspberries again. They are really juicy.

We always evaluated our product afterwards to see how it could be changed it next time.

Well done to all the children who worked safely and sensibly with Ms Canning.

Help at home: your child has taken this recipe home. Can they demonstrate some of their food preparation skills by making this again at home.