Living and Learning: seeing change positively

Tuesday 26 March 2024

This week, our Living and Learning lesson focused on coping with change.

We talked about different changes someone may face in their life and focused on one story in particular of ‘The New Kid’.

Help at home by analysing feelings on a deeper level. The boy in the video wasn’t just ‘sad’. He felt lonely, isolated, scared and alone. Sometimes it can help to have a more accurate description of how you’re feeling so you can even better work out how to make it better and cope.

We also discussed how feelings change depending on our environment and the things happening to us. Importantly, we also decided what could be done about these feelings.

Remember – change is a positive thing! It means you’re growing and developing as a person. When you’ve the right strategies, change can be a powerful and exciting thing.

Finally, we gave strategies and advice for anyone coping with – or struggling with – change.