Living and Learning: health and prevention

Sunday 28 April 2024

Over the last two weeks, Year 2 have been learning about keeping our bodies healthy.

Firstly, we considered good hygiene. Most microbes do not harm us and some are actually very helpful. However, some microbes can harm us and these are called germs.

We can’t get rid of every single germ but we can think about how to keep them away and stop them from spreading.

Good handwashing is a key part of being hygienic. We reminded ourselves of how to wash our hands properly.

We already use an important technique to stop germs spreading by covering our mouth and nose with the inside of our elbow (the vampire technique).

We also discussed the importance of sleep in our weekly circle time.

All of the children could give a good example of why sleep is important from helping our memory to helping us grow.

This website provides more information about the importance of sleep for children.

Dental health is another key aspect of being healthy.

We thought about teeth-friendly food and drink, how to keep our teeth clean and to understand how our adults and dentists help to keep our teeth healthy.

Help at home: sleep, dental health and good hygiene are all important aspects of keeping healthy. Discuss with your child which of these they want to improve and the steps to do this.