Living and Learning – I know the importance of a balanced diet.

Thursday 09 May 2024

Year 3 have been discussing how we can make sensible choices that help our bodies stay healthy.

One way we can help our bodies stay healthy is having a balanced diet. The children have previously learnt about what a diet is and a balanced diet in Science earlier this year.

A diet: the foods a person or animal eats.

A balanced diet: eating a wide variety of foods in the right proportions.

We discussed our own diets and whether they are balanced or not. Here are some questions we thought about…

Are you having your 5 a day?

Are you getting enough protein whether its from meat or other sources?

Are you allowed a treat here and there?

Here’s a guide to the amounts of food we should be having.

Help at home: Can you plan your next meal using these proportions to help you?