Half-term 6

Thursday 06 June 2024

Here are your new 40 words for this half-term. Let’s get learning them! How you decide to do this is up to you. You might decide to focus on the trickiest words first. Or, you might decide to learn 8 words a week and really focus on these whilst still practising the others, too. For some of you, you might already feel confident with some of the words so might choose to not practise these at all. If you need some ideas for practical things to do, check out the Super Spelling Strategies Guide on the school website.

This half-term, our spellings are linked to the rules and strategies we’ll be learning in class:

Each Friday, you’ll be tested on 8 of the words from the list below.

conscious yacht chronology determined explanation
vicious profession occur convenience nutritious
accommodation structure delicious friend soldier
contraction foreign scissors language photography
awkward dictionary vegetable ambitious ancient
vehicle cautious infectious picturesque excellent
automatic possession shan’t designer beautiful
portable shouldn’t anxious desperate thorough