Y6 Residential 2024

Monday 10 June 2024

Y6 had a blast last week on residential!

The Robinwood staff were extremely complimentary of how respectful and kind we were and how we got stuck in and took safe risks!

Well done to everyone for a fantastic trip away.

First up, some pictures of raft building.

RIP water slipper, 2024-2024

Next, are our pictures of some problem solving activities called Dungeon and King’s Quest.


A fan favourite was definitely the Giant Swing!


Caving came out on top in a surprising turn of events!

We sailed to the top of the Trapeze and even managed to jump off and grab the bar.


A very funny Night Line is up next…


We also channelled our inner Robin Hood at Robinwood…

We finished each evening with a Team Challenge which included, “ONE FULL TUBE!” and a hilarious game of Oogly Boogly Bop!

We survived the world-famous Piranha Pool!

Zip Wire was also great fun with different games such as racing and bean bag drop.

Not even the climbing wall could stop us – we raced to the top to squish the rainbow rubber duck!

Mountain and Wood groups, Robinwood, 2024 – over and out.