Year 1 Homework

It’s half term…

Posted on Thursday 17 February 2011 by Mr Roundtree

It’s half-term holidays next week, so there are no homework tasks or spellings next week.

Of course, regular practice and learning can still happen: reading each day, swimming, tables practice, trips to the library, walks around Roundhay Park… All will help your child have a happy and healthy holiday!

11 February 2011

Posted on Friday 11 February 2011 by

The homework this week is practice makes perfect and is due in on Wednesday 16 February.

I can sequence numbers.

Each child has a worksheet that they must complete. The worksheet is similar to ones that we have done in class. Read the instructions carefully.

Good luck!

04 February 2011

Posted on Friday 04 February 2011 by

This week’s homework is creative. It is due in on Wednesday 09 February.

I can create a fantasy character.

Remember fantasy is not real so use your imagination.

Good luck!

28 January 2011

Posted on Friday 28 January 2011 by Mrs Taylor

This week’s homework is talk time and is linked to the Change4Life Great Swapathon.

I can make a healthy swap.

If you bring a packed lunch to school you could use the Packed Lunch Guidance document to find a suitable swap.

Use your swapathon resources and / or the swapathon website for more personalised swaps.

Be prepared to share your swap with your class.

21 January 2010

Posted on Thursday 20 January 2011 by

Homework this week is Practice Makes Perfect.

In class, we have been learning how to use the ‘ea’ sound in words. The children have an activity to complete which involves trying to make words with this sound then to use the word in a sentence.

Homework is due in on Wednesday 26 January 2011.

14 January 2011

Posted on Friday 14 January 2011 by

This week’s homework is Talk Time. It is due on Wednesday 19 January 2011.

I can talk about what I saw at the circus performance.

  • What did you like?
  • What did you learn?
  • Would you like to do it again?
  • Why did we do it?

When discussing this at home, please encourage long, full sentences.

07 January 2011

Posted on Friday 07 January 2011 by

This week’s homework is creative. It is due on Wednesday 14 January 2011.

I can find different materials around the house.

Remember, all objects are made from a type of material, for example glass, wood, metal, plastic etc.

Holidays approaching…

Posted on Friday 10 December 2010 by Mr Roundtree

…so there are no spelling lists, tables or other homework this week.

Enjoy reading, writing (and possibly making?) Christmas cards, reflecting on this term’s topics and other activities.

03 December 2010

Posted on Friday 03 December 2010 by

This week, it’s Talk Time homework and is due in on Wednesday 08 December.

I can talk about what I have learnt in our topic ‘The Toy Box.’

What was your favourite piece of learning?

The homework last week was brilliant. I’m looking forward to discussing our topic next week!

26 November 2010

Posted on Friday 26 November 2010 by

This week’s homework is creative.

I can add two numbers.

It’s due on Wednesday 01 December.

The children could:

  • Show how to add, using pictures or objects.
  • Calculate some number sentences.
  • Create a game using addition.
  • Go shopping and show how to add using money.
  • Include a photograph.