Year 1 Homework

19 November 2010

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The homework this week is Talk Time homework and is due in on Wednesday 24 October.

I can talk about toys from other countries.

  • What toys do children have in other countries?
  • Are any of them the same as the ones we have in England?
  • Which of our toys come from outside England? How do you know?
  • How much do toys cost in other countries?

Why not inspect your toy to see if you can find any clues?

12 November 2010

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This week’s homework is practice makes perfect and is due in on Wednesday 17 November.

I can practise my letter formation for ‘a’ and ‘e’.

Remember, our Handwriting Guide is easy to follow and a great way to support your child. Children have told us that with better handwriting they feel more confident and proud of their learning!

05 November 2010

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The homework this week is Creative and due in Wednesday 10 November.

I can sort information.

Use the fruit and vegetable pictures to help you. Think about what we learnt in class this week:

  • collect
  • organise
  • present
  • interpreting information to answer questions.

I look forward to seeing what you have done on Wednesday.

Half-term holiday

Posted on Friday 22 October 2010 by Mr Roundtree

Our policy is not to give homework in the holidays.  However, if you’d like to support your child’s learning at home, have a look at the Homework Tips for Parents (which has ideas for extra practice) and the National Expectations section (which should give you some ideas about what to learn more about).

Don’t forget: all children should be reading on a daily basis: comics, books, websites.  Why not make a trip to the library this holiday?

Older children should also practise times tables (why not re-cap all the tables you’ve practised so far this year?).

15 October 2010

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The homework this week is Talk Time homework and is due in on Wednesday 20 October.

I can talk to someone about what toys were like in the past.

I look forward to hearing about some of the interesting things that you have found out during ‘show and tell’ on Wednesday.

08 October 2010

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The homework this week is Creative and due in Wednesday 13 October.

I can show that I know about 2D shapes.

  • What does a 2D shape look like?
  • Can I find any around the house?
  • Draw some 2D shapes.
  • You could cut and paste.
  • You could make a list.
  • You could take a photo.

It’s up to you!

01 October 2010

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Practice Makes Perfect:

This week’s homework is to practise high frequency words. These are words that your child will come across regularly in their reading books.

  • Let your child read through the words. If he/she can read the word colour it in.
  • Continue doing this until your child can read all the words independently.
  • PLEASE be aware that children may not know all the words, but with practice and repetition these words will become familiar.
  • This piece of homework may take a few weeks, so please keep referring to it.

If you have any questions just ask Mrs Maver or Mrs Weekes.

24 September

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Homework this week is Creative and is due on Wednesday 29 September.

I know how I can keep healthy.

You can create anything you like providing it is on an A4 page. You can draw, paint a picture or write a sentence. You could take a photo as part of your homework!

Enjoy doing your homework. I look forward to seeing all your ideas!