Year 3 Homework

13 May 2016

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This week’s homework is creative and is due 18 May 2016.

I can research my favourite musician.

In English, we’ve been learning how to write biographies with a focus on musicians. In class, we have used Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong and The Beatles as inspiration for our writing but next week we’ll choose our own musicians. To do this effectively, your child needs to research facts about their favourite musician (or group) and present them in a creative way. This could be a poster, a mind map, a quiz or a PowerPoint presentation.

Your child may include:

  • when their musician was born
  • where  their musician was born
  • where their musician grew up
  • how their musician got into music
  • what instruments their musician learnt as a child
  • how they became famous

06 May 2016

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This week’s homework is practice makes perfect and is due on 11 May.

I can practise using pronouns.

In English, we have been using pronouns in our book review writing. A pronoun is a word or phrase that can be used in the place of a noun. We use pronouns to avoid repetition in a paragraph. Your child has a series of activities to help them practise using pronouns.

06 May 2016

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This week’s spellings are all homophones. Homophones are two or more words that sound the same but are spelt differently and mean different things. For example: fair (a place with rides and games) and fare (the cost of public transport).

  • grown / groan
  • eight / ate
  • woman / women
  • heard / herd

Your child also needs to find their own pair (not pear!) of homophones which they will be tested on.

29 April 2016

Posted on Friday 29 April 2016 by Mrs Valentine

This week’s homework is creative and is due Wednesday 04 May:

What does Power mean to you?

In class, we’ve been learning about different types of power. This homework is chance for your child to showcase what they think power is in a creative way. Ideas could range from:

  • designing a circuit that uses electricity
  • a power fitness routine designed to work powerful muscles
  • a power energy bar or smoothie for a powerful workout
  • a political speech

The children have really got stuck in with this mini-topic and we can’t wait to see what creativity comes through the door next week!

22 March 2016

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This week’s homework is practice makes perfect and is due on Wednesday 27 April.

I can interpret circuit diagrams.  

As part of our Science led mini topic ‘Power’, we have been learning about circuits. Your child has a booklet of activities to use and apply their learning. If your child needs some extra help, click here to find a website that lets your child create and test their own circuits. 

25 March 2016

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This week’s homework is creative and is due 30 March 2016.

I can present my spellings in an interesting way.

Your child’s spelling homework this week is to find a “double up for a short vowel sound” word for each letter of the alphabet. They could use these spellings to:

  • make a poster
  • make a crossword
  • make a word search
  • create a missing letter worksheet
  • write a story

This could be done using ICT; the choice is theirs!

18 March 2016

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This week’s homework is practice makes perfect and is due on Wednesday 23 March.

I can tell the time.

Your child will have a series of time-based tasks to do that they need to finish in the booklet provided.

We’ve started telling time to the nearest minute in class and if your child needs some extra support to do this at home, I recommend the BBC Bitesize website.  I’ve also set some time tasks on Mathletics.

11 March 2016

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This week’s homework is Talk Time and is due of Wednesday 16 March.

Should animals be kept in zoos?

You might want to discuss whether…

  • conservation is a reason to keep them there
  • animals are happy being kept in enclosed spaces
  • animals deserve to have a choice over where they live
  • zoos exists to make money or to make a difference

We will use your responses to these questions in our end of topic review.


04 March 2016

Posted on Thursday 03 March 2016 by Mr Owen

This week’s homework is Creative.

I can recommend a book.

As part of our World Book Day learning, we’re setting this homework across the whole school. Children have each been given a leaf to fill with their homework – front and back.

These leaves need to be wonderfully well presented because they will be decorating trees in our library.

On the leaf, children could:

  • recommend a favourite book (fiction or non-fiction) with reasons why
  • recommend a book that is important to their family or culture
  • create illustrations
  • provide information on the author
  • say why reading is important to them

26 February 2016

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This week’s homework is talk time and is due on Wednesday 2 March. 

Our SEAL statement next week is I work co-operatively to help a group. To prepare for our circle time, you have three questions to start a discussion.

What is co-operation?
Why is co-operation important?
How can you work co-operatively at school?

As part of this discussion, you might want to search the internet to find an image that you both think represents co-operation.