Year 4 Homework

30 November 2012

Posted on Friday 30 November 2012 by Mr Redfearn

This week’s homework is creative and is due in on Wednesday 05 December.

I can show what I have learnt in our transport topic.

The children have learnt lots during All Aboard! This is a chance for Year 3 and 4 pupils to show what they know in this week’s creative homework. As always, we want the children to be as creative as possible. However, if you’re struggling for ideas, here are some suggestions:

  • a recorded radio show
  • a poster
  • a comic
  • a picture montage
  • a recount of your favourite bit of learning

23 November 2012

Posted on Thursday 22 November 2012 by Mrs Taylor

This week’s whole school homework is creative.  It’s due in on Wednesday 28 November.

I can show what bullying means and how to stop it.

As part of the current SEAL theme of Getting On, this week is anti-bullying week.  Within class, the children have been asked to consider bullying including these key points:

  • What is bullying?
  • What are the different types of bullying?
  • What should you do if you are bullied?
  • What should you do if you see someone being bullied?

Useful websites to look at include:

You could produce:

  • art work
  • poetry
  • a poster
  • writing: diary, story, letter
  • a rap
  • a mindmap
  • your own creative idea



16 November 2012

Posted on Friday 16 November 2012 by Mr Redfearn

The homework this week is Talk Time and is due in Wednesday 21 November.

I can talk about different ways to get on with my friends.

Our current SEAL theme is getting on. We’ve been learning about how to manage our feelings as well as learning to understand the feelings of others. Have a discussion with your family about all the ways you can get on with friends in and out of school.

Get your child justify their thoughts by using conjunctions like because or as.

09 November 2012

Posted on Thursday 08 November 2012 by Miss Hewson

Homework this week is creative.  It’s the first of three homework tasks this year when we invite children to respond to something from a cultural or spiritual perspective (we’re going to time these so they fall close to religious festivals, from Eid to Easter).

I can respond to a book I’ve recently read.

This week, we’d like children to present their responses about a recent book they’ve read. We’re interested to hear your child’s opinions and any connections they might have made between the book and their own life. This book review might include pictures, an interview (you could write a fictional script between an interviewer and a character), a letter (eg to or from a character, or perhaps even the author) – anything which might include your child’s responses!

However, your child might prefer to do the following:

I can show what Eid or Diwali means to me and my community.

Just before the half-term, some children in school will have celebrated the Muslim festival of Eid. Next week, some children in school will celebrate the Sikh and Hindu festival Diwali. We invite those children to respond to the sentence above – they might include a recount (like a diary entry), pictures, an interview (perhaps in a script).


It’s the half-term break…

Posted on Thursday 25 October 2012 by Mr Roundtree

…so there’s no homework this week.

Please make sure your child continues to read lots and be read to – this is always the most valuable activity you can do at home to help learning.

Why not put some Maths into practice too: play a board game, bake something, create some mathematical art…

19 October 2012

Posted on Friday 19 October 2012 by Mr Redfearn

The homework this week is Talk Time and is due in on 24 October.

Should households have more than one car? Discuss.

We want you to discuss with your child the different factors involved with having more than one car. In addition, we’d also like you to discuss the differences between need and want as well as looking at the effect cars have on the evironment. Encourage your child to use words and phrases such as:

  • However,  
  • On the other hand,
  • Nevertheless,
  • Furthermore,

12 October 2012

Posted on Friday 12 October 2012 by Mr Redfearn

This week’s homework is slightly different as it’s Practice makes Perfect. I want you to be able to distinguish between the two forms of  its:

its  – belonging to something, no apostrophe

it’s – a contraction, like we learnt last week, of ‘it is’

A good way to distinguish between the two is to check whether the sentence sounds correct if you substitute the word for ‘it is’. If you can do this, then the correct form is it’s. If it doesn’t seem to make sense, then the correct form is its.

For example:

The elephant raised its trunk.

The elephant raised it is trunk. (This doesn’t make sense. Therefore, the correct form is its without an apostrophe.)

Here are a couple of activities that you can do to test whether you can do them or not:

  • Write it’s on a piece of paper and on the back write its. Then, get an adult to read out a sentence and you have to show them whether they need to use its or it’s.
  • Find an interesting object. Can you describe it using both forms of its?

05 October 2012

Posted on Friday 05 October 2012 by Mr Redfearn

The homework this week is Creative and is due in Wednesday 10 October.

I can show what I know about transport.

As you all know, our new topic is All Aboard! To launch this topic we would like you to show us everything you already know about transport. You can be as creative as you like. Kacy wowed us all last week with her jelly brain. See if you can top that! As always, you can be as creative as you like, but if you’re struggling why not try:

  • a photo collage of different types of transport
  • a PowerPoint presentation
  • a comic strip
  • a podcast

28 September 2012

Posted on Friday 28 September 2012 by Mr Wilks

This week we are asking you to think about this statement:

I know what makes a healthy brain.

This is creative homework and is due in on Wednesday 03 October 2012.

You could produce:

  • • some art work
  • • some poetry
  • • a poster
  • • a rap
  • • your own creative idea


21 September 2012

Posted on Friday 21 September 2012 by Mr Wilks

The homework this work is talk time and is due in on Wednesday 26 September.

I know three interesting facts about myself.

We would like to find out more about the children and their interests so children should talk to people at home and decide on three interesting facts about themselves. We’ll then discuss them in class and we’ll find out a bit more about each other!