Year 4 Homework

It’s half term…

Posted on Thursday 17 February 2011 by Mr Roundtree

It’s half-term holidays next week, so there are no homework tasks or spellings next week.

Of course, regular practice and learning can still happen: reading each day, swimming, tables practice, trips to the library, walks around Roundhay Park… All will help your child have a happy and healthy holiday!

11 February 2011

Posted on Thursday 10 February 2011 by

This week’s homework is talk time. It’s due in on Wednesday 16 February.

I know about stories set in imaginary worlds.

The children can think about stories in books or in films that feature imaginary worlds (eg. Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland).

What do they have in common? What are the characters like? How do they get to the other world? What is the setting like?

This will help the children when we start our story unit next week!

Friday 04 February

Posted on Thursday 03 February 2011 by

This week’s homework is creative. It is due in on Wednesday 09 February.

I know properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

You could:

Find examples of 2D and / or 3D shapes around your house.

Produce a table of shapes and their properties.

Produce a spider diagram of shapes and their properties.

(2D shapes may have sides, vertices, angles and lines of symmetry.)

(3D shapes may have faces, edges and vertices.)

28 January 2011

Posted on Friday 28 January 2011 by Mrs Taylor

This week’s homework is talk time and is linked to the Change4Life Great Swapathon.

I can make a healthy swap.

If you bring a packed lunch to school you could use the Packed Lunch Guidance document to find a suitable swap.

Use your swapathon resources and / or the swapathon website for more personalised swaps.

Be prepared to share your swap with your class.

21 January 2011

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This week’s homework is creative. It’s due in on Wednesday 26 January 2011.

I can multiply numbers.

Remember the steps for the grid method:




45 X 3








+  15


Remember to challenge yourself with your numbers!

14 January 2011

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This week Year Four have a talk time homework.

I know some facts about the planets.

We’ll discuss these facts in class on Wednesday 19 January.

07 January 2011

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This week’s homework is creative and links to the literacy learning that we have been doing in class. It is due in on Wednesday 12 January 2011.

I can write a kenning poem.

 A kenning poem describes something without giving its name away. It uses verbs ending in ‘er’.

 Here is an example similar to the ones we looked at in class:

A loud-barker

A swift-sprinter

A mud-roller

A cat-chaser

A tail-wagger

Think of your own animal. Now write a kenning poem about your animal. Remember to think of all the verbs (doing words) that your animal does and then add ‘er’ to the end of them.

Adjectives/ Adverbs group: Try to use your ambitious vocabulary. Can you think of even better words eg. eater could also be scoffer or gobbler.  (Remember your hyphens too!)

Holidays approaching…

Posted on Friday 10 December 2010 by Mr Roundtree

…so there are no spelling lists, tables or other homework this week.

Enjoy reading, writing (and possibly making?) Christmas cards, reflecting on this term’s topics and other activities.

03 December 2010

Posted on Monday 06 December 2010 by

This week’s homework is creative. It is due in on Wednesday 08 December 2010.

I know about fractions.

26 November 2010

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This week’s homework is creative. It is due in on Wednesday 01 December 2010.

‘I can find openings in stories.’

This links to our story-writing unit in literacy. The children need to find different opening lines (the first line) in stories and make a note of them. They could even sort them into dialogue (speech), action or description (think of ‘DAD‘. As it is a creative homework they may present their homework how they wish.