Year 4 Homework

Half-term holiday

Posted on Friday 22 October 2010 by Mr Roundtree

Our policy is not to give homework in the holidays.  However, if you’d like to support your child’s learning at home, have a look at the Homework Tips for Parents (which has ideas for extra practice) and the National Expectations section (which should give you some ideas about what to learn more about).

Don’t forget: all children should be reading on a daily basis: comics, books, websites.  Why not make a trip to the library this holiday?

Older children should also practise times tables (why not re-cap all the tables you’ve practised so far this year?).

15 October 2010

Posted on Friday 15 October 2010 by Miss Hewson

The homework this week is a talk time homework. It is due in on Wednesady 20 October.

I can discuss how promotions are used.

Promotional language can be found on television, radio, in magazines, leaflets and posters. You might find some examples too!

08 October 2010

Posted on Thursday 07 October 2010 by Miss Hewson

This week’s homework is Practice Makes Perfect. It links to our current literacy unit. It’s a chance for the children to practise what they have learnt!

It is due in on Wednesday 13 October 2010.

Write a short script with at least four speaking parts.

A script has:

A title  eg. Cinderella

A cast eg. Cinderella, Stepsisters, Stepmother, Prince, Fairy Godmother

Names on the left, colon, stage directions, dialogue, NO SPEECH MARKS

eg. Cinderella: (Wearily scrubbing the floor whilst wiping away tears) I’m so unhappy.  

Extra stage directions in brackets  eg. (Cinderella slowly bends down to pick up the invitation.)

New line for a new speaker

01 October 2010

Posted on Thursday 30 September 2010 by Miss Hewson

This homework this week is creative. It is due in on Wednesday 06 October.

I can show my knowledge of the four number operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).

You could choose just one or all four – it’s up to you!

24 September 2010

Posted on Thursday 23 September 2010 by Miss Hewson

The homework this week is Creative and due in Wednesday 29 September.

I can show how I am healthy.

Remember to think about everything we have discussed during Health Week.