Year 5 Spelling

05 November 2010

Posted on Monday 08 November 2010 by Mr Owen

This week’s spellings are all connectives. These are words that join two parts of a sentence together or help structure a piece of writing.

For example:

  • I played football and scored twice.
  • He went to the shop because he needed some more bread.
  • She took the dog for a walk, although they didn’t go far.
  • In addition, Moortown Primary is famous for its happy and healthy learners.

The spellings in bold are the additional words for children that normally learn 15 spellings. This week they will be learning slightly more than 15 because some of the spellings are easier than previous weeks (words like yet and moreover). The connectives have been grouped according to whether the word is used instead of and, but or because or whether it is used to to structure a report, in which case it is a time connective.





as before

in addition






due to




owing to



as a result



15 October 2010

Posted on Friday 15 October 2010 by Mr Owen

This week’s spellings all start with a prefix and will be tested on Thursday 21 October (the last day of half term!).

All of the prefixes originate from Latin or Ancient Greek. For example, ‘auto’ means ‘self’ and ‘bi’ means ‘two’ or ‘twice’. You might be able to spot similar words in other European languages.

The first 10 spellings (in bold) are for everyone and the last 5 are for adjectives and adverbs unless your child has been told otherwise.

  • autograph
  • bicycle
  • telephone
  • telegraph
  • television
  • transport
  • transparent
  • automatic
  • circle
  • transfer
  • autobiography
  • circumstance
  • bisect
  • telescope
  • transmit

Try writing spellings in a sentence such as “Please can I have your autograph, Mr Owen?” or “I hate watching cartoons on television!”

Practising spellings a little and often is usually the best way to make sure that they stay in your head, rather than just doing well on the test.

08 October 2010

Posted on Friday 08 October 2010 by Mr Owen

This week’s spellings are plurals again. This time we’re focusing on word endings that change from f to v when they are pluralised eg Mr Wilks may have one calf but I have three calves, and Mr Redfearn has one nice scarf but all of my scarves are even nicer.

The first 10 are for everyone. Adverb and Ajective groups should try to find 5 more of their own. Some of these will then be included in in the test on Friday 15 October.

  • calves
  • selves
  • thieves
  • halves
  • wolves
  • knives
  • loaves
  • lives
  • scarves
  • wives

01 October 2010

Posted on Tuesday 05 October 2010 by Mr Owen

This week’s spellings are all common words that are regularly spelt incorrectly. They will be tested on Friday 08 October.

The last five are for Adjective and Adverb groups only, unless your child has been told otherwise.

  • where
  • when
  • what
  • everywhere
  • busy
  • tired
  • please
  • wait
  • late
  • probably
  • speak
  • speech
  • example
  • excessive
  • extremely

24 September 2010

Posted on Thursday 23 September 2010 by Mr Owen

This week’s spellings are all plurals. Sometimes it’s not as easy as just adding an ‘s’.

The Nouns and Verbs spelling groups should concentrate on 1-10. The Adjectives and Adverbs groups should learn all of the words below.

  1. boxes
  2. buses
  3. watches
  4. patches
  5. foxes
  6. lorries
  7. worries
  8. cries
  9. lollies
  10. cities
  11. dishes
  12. hisses
  13. tries
  14. puppies
  15. parties


One of the best ways to learn spellings on your own is:

Read it > Cover it up > Write it > Check it. 

It’s simple but effective.