Year 2 Spelling

13 January 2017


06 January 2016

I’ve updated the blurb about this week’s spellings as there was a mistake. Sorry for any confusion.



09 December 2016


02 December 2016

Here are the spellings for this week:


25 November 2016

The spellings for this week are below:


18 November 2016

We’re still focussing on irregular verbs this week so here’s another list. However, there are lots more. Try to spot some when you’re reading.

Children may be tested on the infinitive form of the verb (to lose) or the simple past tense version of the word (lost). The children have already spent some time looking at these words so they aren’t unfamiliar. However, as we’ve moved back to testing every week, we’ve dropped the number of spellings down to eight.

If you’ve any questions about this list or spelling generally, please ask.

to lose           lost

to fall             fell

to hide           hid

to drive          drove

to fight           fought

to win            won

to pay            paid

to find           found



11 November 2016

In phonics next week, we’re learning about irregular past tense verbs. Usually when we change a verb to the past tense, we just need to add ‘ed’. Irregular verbs are annoyingly irregular and don’t follow the rule!

fall         fell
fly          flew
find       found
win        won
sell        sold
blow      blew
see         saw
eat          ate
write       wrote
bring      brought

Don’t stop at this list. Find some other irregular verbs. There are loads of them!

04 November 2016

Here are the spellings for this week. They will be tested on Friday 11 November.


21 October 2016

It’s half-term, so there’s no homework. Enjoy the holiday instead: hunt down a collection of chestnuts on a walk at Roundhay Park, enjoy a cinema trip on a damp day, go further afield and visit somewhere new…

Whatever you do, have a good break.

07 October 2016