Haiti Earthquake

Wednesday 20 January 2010

All of us are shocked and saddened by the dreadful stories and images from Haiti.  Delivered appropriately, at the right level, it’s important that such big stories are talked about in school.  In the Y1-2 topic Heroes, the teachers will spend some time thinking about how ordinary people can be heroes at times like these – UK firefighters going to Haiti to help, for example.  The Y3-4 topic Where in the World? is also a good way to discuss the issues and answer questions and concerns.  Y5-6 will also talk about the earthquake, though not specifically linked to any topic work.


On the next two Friday afternoons (22 and 29 January) from 3.00pm, we will be having a fund-raising sale in the hall.

We’ve been having a clear-out of books and will be selling lots of old but perfectly readable (and very enjoyable!) books.  Some parents have also suggested preparing food to sell which is a wonderful idea – your contributions will be very much appreciated, I’m sure.  Any food you prepare, please bring on the day. 

If you prefer to simply make a donation, you can do so by posting a contribution in an envelope marked ‘earthquake’ into our Postbox or direct to the Office staff.

Thank you.