School Council

What is it?

School Councils are democracy in action. The School Council of Moortown Primary consists of two representatives of each class, from Reception to Year 6. The Council meets frequently, at least once every half-term, to express views and make decisions.

Staff are always keen to know the views of our pupils. For example, following curriculum-themed weeks we meet with the School Council to know more about what went well – councillors tell us they enjoy mixing classes and working with children from different year groups.

Recent decisions have included:

  • how to improve the area at the front of the school – the Council chose to invest in more play space
  • how to illustrate the staff page on this website
  • how to spend supermarket vouchers – working with the lunchtime supervisor, a sub-committee ‘spent’ the vouchers on lots of lunchtime play equipment

The School Council even interview people for vacancies in school. (Candidates have remarked about how challenging this aspect of the selection was!)

Representatives of the School Council are very much active citizens. Councillors have attended Leeds Youth on Health forums and curriculum conferences in the local authority. They have been involved in primary–secondary school transition projects, local business launches and health surveys. Two of our previous councillors, Bronwyn and Farhaan, have even represented the nation’s young people as part of the Children’s Commissioner’s work!

A message from the Chair of the School Council

The School Council was started in 2005 and has made many fundamental decisions in the three years it has been running. It has interviewed candidates for Headteacher (they helped come to the decision to appoint Mr Roundtree, now Headteacher) and found charities for the school to support (as a result, the school is now supporting two charities called Save the Children and St Gemma’s Hospice).

The election process for school council starts by each pupil in every class getting a letter to help them write a speech to present the next day. If they wish to run then they present their speeches to the whole class and the two people with the most votes in each class will be elected.  Elections happen in February each year.

When Moortown Primary gets invited to an event, the school council represents the school and accepts awards on behalf of the school e.g. the Healthy Schools award. We were once invited to open a local business!

I have been going to Moortown Primary School for six years now and have enjoyed every minute of it!

Join in

Every Spring pupils at Moortown Primary elect two school councillors from each class.

Based on election speeches, they vote for the candidate who they think will represent them best.

If you want to be part of the School Council, tell your teacher when it’s close to election time and prepare your speech well.

In the meantime, make sure you let your current class councillors know your views!