Test results

Tuesday 06 July 2010

On Tuesday, 06 July, the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA) released 2010 Key Stage 2 National Curriculum test results. We will shortly send home the results for our current Year 6 class – at the moment, it appears our children have done extremely well. This is thanks to their great efforts, and also the exemplary teaching and support we offer at Moortown Primary.

Regarding the results, Education Secretary Michael Gove has said:

I am delighted that all National Curriculum test results were made available to schools today.

Almost three quarters of schools administered the tests this year, showing that the vast majority of headteachers did not support industrial action. It’s unfortunate parents and pupils in the schools that boycotted the tests will not benefit from the information that can be taken from test results.

Rigorous external assessment provides the public and professionals with valuable objective data and plays a vital role in the accountability system.

The best school systems generate rich quantities of information which enable us all to make meaningful comparisons, learn from the best and identify techniques which work.

I do accept there are flaws with the current testing system so I am committed to reviewing National Curriculum tests to ensure they are as rigorous as possible and in the best interests of schools, children, parents and the public.

We want to consider what we can learn from other countries, to compare our tests with standards set elsewhere, and to look at how we can make the tests more useful.

I believe headteachers and teachers will agree the solution to strengthening the tests is to work together and agree on how they can be reformed.

While we work to improve and strengthen the tests, it is crucial that there is no gap in information provided to parents, pupils and teachers next year.

I can therefore confirm that tests in 2011 will take place in the week commencing May 9.

The week of the SAT tests is already noted in our calendar; as are school holidays and training days for next year. More important dates will be added soon.

More information about the 2010 SAT tests, including a list of schools which did not carry out the tests, can be found on the Department for Education website.