New Healthy Packed Lunch Guidance

Sunday 26 September 2010

In your child’s health bag, taken home at the end of Health Week, was a copy of the new Healthy Packed Lunch Guidance.

The guidance has been produced following:

Prior to the introduction of this guidance the children have been taking part in a variety of activities and curriculum sessions on promoting healthier packed lunches:

From this work we have already seen positive changes in some of our pupil’s packed lunches and we will continue to work with children to help them to understand the benefits that healthier eating will bring them.

Children are rewarded for making healthy choices in their packed lunch using stickers and also certificates designed by the pupil Health and Wellbeing Development Group

Once the guidance has been established a second survey will be carried out to assess its impact and results will be available and discussed at forthcoming Health and Wellbeing Development Group meetings.

We hope you will find our Packed Lunch Guidance informative and if you have any comments or questions please do contact me.  The guidance can also be downloaded from the Find out (Food) section of the website.